Case Study 4


A dairy customer has very old shrink bundling equipment. They have been told by other companies that due to the age of their equipment only a 1.75 to 2 MIL film would work on their machine. They had tried alternatives in the past and all had failed.

The issue

The dairy’s heaviest item being shrink bundled weighed 12 pounds. Based on our experience, we felt the dairy was buying a film that was thicker film than needed. As a result, the dairy was spending more money than needed to wrap a package, and stopping their lines for change over too often.


Reengineer the film utilizing a blend of better resins. This would allow the film to be down gauged while exceeding the performance of the current film.


We presented our idea and offered to produce four trial rolls, free of charge. We would be on site during the testing to address any questions or issues. The customer accepted our offer. The first two rolls were tested on first shift. The third and fourth rolls were tested on second shift.


The plant manger said “Your film blew my guys away. You provided a better quality film and increased my yield by 30%”. In addition, we were able to provide a 20% hard dollar cost savings.