“ALNI helped the client strengthen their brand and identity while saving 30% on their costs.”

Case Study 3

An industrial company that manufactures tools changed their company name and logo. The change meant that numerous labels used in their manufacturing process would need to be redesigned to incorporate the new logo art.

We were asked to coordinate the approval of all new logo labels through the client’s artist in Germany. We routed all of the information through the German office, and with their input, we communicated all of their goals to the U.S. divisions we were currently supplying.

We managed the old inventory, depleting as much of it as possible, to avoid waste. We also found a creative way to donate their old stock to a charitable organization and provide a tax deduction for the customer.

As we began to create proofs showing the new logo style, our customer mentioned that there were a host of other labels being used by their Florida division that would need the same changes. We asked for the opportunity to provide all of these labels to the client, with the pledge to find significant cost savings and to bring their inventory under control.

After reviewing the labels used by the Florida division, we made the recommendation that the client consolidate their labels down to common sizes and designs, to be used by both divisions. We were able to offer significant cost savings by eliminating the redundant labels, and switching the Florida division to common designs and sizes. We also saved the customer money by producing all of the labels in one large production run and warehousing the stock for future release.

As a result of this proposal, ALNI took over responsibility for the production of all the logo labels used by this customer’s divisions in Ohio, Florida, and Ireland. We calculated what the customer would use over a 6-12 month period and were able to offer them significant cost savings (30-50% in most cases). We also arranged to warehouse all of these items, in order to provide a fast turnaround for the customer. In most cases, the customer can receive product within 1-2 business days.

We also helped the client strengthen their brand and corporate identity by using one design and logo for the three divisions in Ohio, Florida, and Ireland. By using the same items, the divisions now have more control over their inventory, less problems with shortages, and fewer backorders.

ALNI now supplies twice as many labels as we did prior to the logo change, and manages the inventory for divisions in Florida, Ohio, and Ireland. The logo change was completed successfully, the customer saved money and consolidated their label purchasing with one supplier. The label program continues to run smoothly to this day.